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Here at kw kosmetics we offer three different permanent brow services which are Microblading, Powder Brows, and Combination Brows.



How do you decide?

Microblading - the hair stroke method. To achieve the microbladed look, Kara will deposit pigment into the skin in a stroke pattern. Doing this will create a natural look that will blend seamlessly with your brow hair. An ideal candidate for this technique has dry to normal skin types.



Initial session: $400            Perfecting session: $150             Yearly Touchup: $250

Powder Brows - the shading method. This look is achieved by shading in the brows with pigment. This can be as natural or dramatic as you please. We like to call this technique the makeup effect as it resembles using a powder to fill in the brows. This technique is great for all skin types.



Initial session: $450             Perfecting session: $150              Yearly Touchup: $275

Combination brows - Kara's specialty and client favorite! - This technique is when hair strokes and shading is combined. It is great for all skin types, client's starting with little or no natural hair growth or full brows looking for definition. There are microblading hair- like strokes from the beginning to the middle of the brow to give the brow a natural look, which then transitions to a powdered effect to the body and tail of the brow to give the brow more fullness and density.


Initial session: $550              Perfecting session: $150            Yearly Touchup: $300


Permanent Cosmetics Brow Aftercare

• Gently cleanse brows 4 hours post appointment and immediately start Vaseline regimen.

• Apply Vaseline 5 times a day (pea sized amount) for the first 3 days. Apply Vaseline 3 times a day for the following 2 days. Twice the 6th day and once the 7th. After that you may stop using Vaseline.

• Do not scrub, rub, or pick at the brows.

• No oil based products on or near the brows

• No makeup on the brows for a minimum of 2 weeks. The longer you wait the better the results are. If you must apply makeup use an oil free makeup remover. No scrubbing.

• Use oil free SPF if you will be exposed to the sun.

Normal Potential Side Effects

• Slight swelling

• Redness

• Crusting, flaking, or scabbing (do NOT pick)

• Itchiness (to relieve, apply small amount of Vaseline.)

• Loss of pigment. (This is very normal and why two sessions are recommended. panic.)

• For oily skin types - color may seem much darker than it will once healed. This usually subsides within a day or two.

The type of pigment used in permanent cosmetics is made to fade 40-60%. This is what leaves you with a natural result. Two sessions are highly recommended to achieve optimal results.

Full healing to the skins surface level typically takes 7-10 days but internally can take weeks. Be patient as the goal is to protect the integrity of your skin as well as give you amazing results.

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