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lip blushing

What is Lip Blushing?

It's a semi-permanent lips tattoo meant to enhance and define your lips, intended to improve the natural color of your lips, and gives the illusion of fullness.

You can find this procedure by the name of lips tinting, lips blushing, lips contouring, lipstick tattooing, lip liner, and keep counting.

A permanent lip tattoo can radically improve your lips' appearance by giving more defined and full shape and eliminates the need for a lip liner pencil since your lips will already be perfectly outlined.

Cost :

Initial session $450          Perfecting session $150           Yearly Touchup $300

Aftercare for Lip Blushing

• Gentle cleanse the lips with a gentle cleanser and begin applying a very thin layer of ointment to the lips periodically 2-3 hours post appointment.

• Avoid too hot/too cold or too spicy/citrus foods due to sensitively.

• Swelling is normal and a part of the healing process. This will subside.

• Do not over moisture the lips. This can hinder the healing process and cause splotchy results.

• Do not pick or exfoliate the lips.

• Try to avoid getting them wet for one week.

TIP: After one week, SPF is your best friend!

What to Expect - first 24 hours

• Swelling and numbness are normal.

• Cut food into small bites to make it easier for yourself.

• Do not eat foods that could stain your lips.


TIP: Drink from a straw.

Things to Avoid After a Lip Blushing Procedure

• Kissing                         • Wiping lip area                   • Dehydration                  • Hard work outs

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